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About Us

As is the case with many new products, QVO stemmed from a simple idea that grew into something more. It started with two friends having a discussion about music. The question was asked, “Who is your favorite musical artist?” Each had different answers, which led to a discussion as to why one was better than the other. We knew there was no single right answer, but we still wanted our friends and peers to participate in our discussion. Sure, we could send out a mass text or type up an email, but who was going to take the time to answer? I thought; what if I developed something that allowed an individual to ask any question and define the responses, send it to people of their choosing, and have people respond by simply clicking a button?

Our formula is easy: Question + Vote + Opinion = QVO

QVO now gives everyone an easy-to-use tool that can simultaneously, and virtually instantaneously, reach out to all your intended respondents; and they’re able to provide immediate feedback to your questions. QVO offers maximum flexibility by allowing the poll creator to send their questions via a variety of communication avenues, including text, email, or a number of social websites; by easily pulling from their existing contact lists, even create and save your own groups of recipients. You can pose multiple questions and have the ability to allow comments to be added to any question. Pictures can also be added for each question and each response; all in an easy to use app that is as informative as it is useful.

Our team has developed a tool that provides the user maximum flexibility and functionality; offering the ability to create both Public and Private Polls. Private polls were designed to ask questions to friends, family, or colleagues. You can ask which dress should I wear to a wedding, or find out where your friends want to go Saturday night, or even see what time your client is available for a meeting. You can view and participate in public polls on our website at www.Qvoapp.com or they can easily be created and sent to many popular social media sites by using your QVO app. These polls allow the creator to gain maximum exposure to their questions. Start a discussion about who will win the next presidential election or find out who the public thinks is going to win the Superbowl. Anyone you are connected to can view and access these polls and vote. We have conveniently made it so a respondent can vote or leave a comment; all without requiring a login or an app.

Start a discussion, plan an event, get the feedback you want from the people whose opinions you value most. To start asking your own questions or create your own poll, you can download the free QVO app at the Apple’s App Store (other platform support coming very soon).

QVO simply asks, “What do YOU want to know?”

Brandon Zavala
QVO, Inc