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The Market Research and Survey industry is a $7B annual industry in the US alone. It's also one of the most fragmented. With hundreds of companies offering a myriad of ways to ask consumers their opinions, no single player or technology dominates this industry - which historically has been plagued by notoriously low response rates. It is estimated that an even larger potential market exists in the social networking world. Friends and contacts are constantly seeking each others opinions online, again, with no industry standard for how to do this easily or effectively - until now:

QVO has developed a powerful, fun, and incredibly-intuitive App for soliciting consumer feedback and opinions. In pilot tests QVO has quantifiably proven that its app yields dramatically higher consumer response rates than traditional survey methods. Beyond its intuitive interface, its greatest differentiator is the fact that QVO's platform seamlessly integrates with all major communication methods: (email, text, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) – via desktop, smartphone App or tablet. So rather than attempting to survey users via a single medium, on a single type of device, QVO simultaneously reaches consumers via whatever communication method THEY prefer – where ever they are using it at that moment. Management believes that, with skillful execution, the QVO App has industry-changing ramifications for both the Market Research Industry as well as the social networking world.