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Polling Made Easy

QVO is a data collecting platform that revolutionizes
polling in a dynamic online environment

What we do ?

Social Media Campaigns

Brands and Influencers seek customer engagement, but "likes" and "comments" do not provide tabulated results. QVO utilizes ALL social media platforms simultaneously, generating valuable data from every poll.

Website Embedding

QVO has the ability to embed our polls on any website, increasing reader engagement on articles and blogs.

In-Store Retail

Opposed to traditional retail survey methods, our process allows customers to give immediate feedback and receive incentives at point of sale, significantly increasing response rate for our customers.


We provide organized reporting, detailed analysis and demographic information for the most relevant and useful data.

Market Research

Our polls gain insight using statistical and analytical methods from the opinions of individuals and organizations.

Customer Satisfaction

These polls and surveys gage customer experience and overall satisfaction. QVO uniquely works on all devices and communication methods (SMS, Email, QR Codes, etc.).

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